E.M. "Mac" Swengel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
School of Education
United States International University
San Diego, California

  “Under One Roof”
by Edwin M. Swengel, Ph.D


This treatise necessarily has three main sections. Section One describes the major faults of current and traditional schooling. These are not what are commonly assumed: poorly trained teachers, inept administration, lack of discipline, watered down curriculum, social promotion, adversarial parent-school relations, inadequate funding, dysfunctional home environments—not even poverty, racism, ethnic diversity, nor the “just plain orneriness” of our fallible human nature.

The main fault lies in the whole structure and operation of the current school system. It is totally unnatural in how it involves everyone: students, teachers, parents, administrators, community members, and employers and post-high school educational institutions, both of whom complain of graduates’ poor preparation to succeed in the workplace or additional schooling.

The second section describes in sufficient detail how The Benign School can solve or greatly ameliorate all the problems of traditional schooling. It explains why it is necessary to get the whole public school age span—infancy through high school graduation (one through 18 years)—literally “under one roof,” so the school can operate as a real-life mini-society, the “village it takes to raise a child.”

All the elements of this type of schooling have been proved successful but have never been combined, to my knowledge, in the integrated, comprehensive, synergistic way proposed herein. Nothing I describe is pure theory, nor is it armchair fantasy. In fact, a wide variety of related disciplines support the validity and practicality of all its components, and, by implication, their unique incorporation into the Benign School concept.

The third section tackles the public relations problems facing the essential grassroots campaign. This can and must be done with calm reason, indisputable fact, and common sense—and without rancor. Do not personally attack those in power who resist and resent efforts for basic, fundamental reform, even though that level is commonly called for by most critics of the current system. The selling job requires advocates to understand and be able to explain clearly why the traditional system is functionally beyond repair.

Grassroots campaigners must also be firmly and clearly convinced about how the proposed Benign School system could solve these problems, or at least reduce their negative effects sufficiently so they do not interfere with productive learning. The basic public relation strategies that have proved successful for grassroots campaigners are described. Campaign strategy will be updated and supplemented by further information available on this the website established to promote this concept.


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