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T H E    P L A I N S T O N    C H R O N I C L E S
D r.   E d w i n   M.   S w e n g e l


E.M. "Mac" Swengel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
School of Education
United States International University
San Diego, California

"Mac" Swengel, 1958



19341938 University of Illinois, Urbana:

B.A. in History; Minors in English, Education, and Music

19381958 Teacher: Social Science, English, Music (band and chorus) at secondary level, music at elementary level, in rural communities, East Central Illinois

19581960 Principal and teacher of grades 4-8 in two-room school, Collison, IL (pop. 60)

19601963 Teacher, Social Science and English, Oakwood Twp. H.S., Oakwood, IL

1963 Received Master of Education degree, University of Illinois, Urbana

19631968 Took American Montessori Society Training Course in Los Angeles; helped establish a Montessori School and trained there; Champaign, IL. Received AMS teaching certificate in 1964. Administrator of Montessori schools and teacher training programs in the Los Angeles area.

19661967 Teaching Assistant and Supervisor of Remedial Trainees,

UCLA Psychology Clinic School (Fernald)

19681969 Research Assistant, Center for Evaluation of Instructional Programs, UCLA

19651969 Doctoral program, UCLA Graduate School of Education: Major: Curriculum Development; Minor: Developmental Psychology. Ph.D. in Education, 1969;

Thesis: "A Study of the Effects of Reducing Rote Memory Requirements on Phonics Learning of Five-Year-Old Children."

1969—1976 Professor of Education, United States International University (USIU), San Diego. Taught social, psychological, and philosophical foundation courses; designed and taught Reading Specialist Credential graduate course; served as clinical professor in daily on-site supervision of student teachers in elementary, middle, and secondary classes, in urban and suburban districts.

1974 Published YAK Phonics: A New Approach, based on UCLA doctoral research and 5 years of field tests.

19761980 Project Leader, Information Collection and Dissemination System, San Diego Community College. Collected, evaluated, and disseminated competency-based teaching materials for Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs; developed and taught a phonics-based literacy program for low-literate adult ESL students.nt>

19801987 Retired, but stayed active in education. Trained adult tutors for Literacy Volunteers of America.

19871988 Director of Learning Resource Center, USIU; also taught composition courses.

19881994 Retired again; continued research on school reform; consulted with schools working on reform.

1991 Had three articles published in education journals and a fourth in ERIC

1993 Founded the non-profit Institute for Mutual Instruction to promote peer-helping programs

19941996 Nearly full-time volunteer teacher at John Muir Alternative School (K-12); organized and supervised peer tutoring programs; taught instrumental music and piano

19971998 Trained AmeriCorps members in cross-age tutoring programs for K-6 levels

1999 Gave a lecture and 3-hour workshop at an international conference on Holistic Education in Guadalajara, Mexico, in mid-November

1998-- Actively engaged in research to broaden and strengthen the Mutual Instruction and Benign School concepts and to develop strategies to marshal public support needed to implement them.

2010 Published "The Plainston Chronicles, Volumes I & II" a book written in novel form promoting the principles of Mutual Instruction


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